IMM 2018 innovations

Dondola technology is used for different applications. In the W2020 chair model, a re-interpretation of the old inn chair, it ensures healthy sitting.  This is also the case in the W1970 model, which takes up the design language of the 70s.    

WAGNER photo shoot

Almost all the main characters that contributed to the Dondola story met for a photo shoot at Seyfriedsberg Castle close to Augsburg. In an informal atmosphere, photos were taken that shape the quality of the new Wagner Lookbook. 

Dondola D1 by Stefan Diez

With his D1 model, designer Stefan Diez adds another dimension to Dondola technology. A whole new sitting sensation is created by the dynamic opening angle between the seat and the back.    

Dondola in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

A reference that makes everyone who is involved in Dondola history particularly proud. Störtebeker, the restaurant in the Elbphilharmonie, is entirely equipped with Dondola chairs. Dynamic sitting    

Dondola in the WS1 chair model for Willisau

Willisau, the classy Swiss furniture manufacturer uses the Dondola mechanism in its WS model. Healthy sitting on handcrafted masterpieces.    

IMM 2015: Dondola conquers the home environment

New areas of application can be explored with Dondola, which has been successfully used in different office swivel chairs up to now. At Cologne’s International Interiors Show, chair models, which will enrich private living, the catering trade and the hotel industry, were displayed for the first time.